Canning Stock Route is the longest and one of the
most difficult tracks on Earth. It leads through the
most remote and inhospitable areas of   West
Australia, crosses three deserts and climbs over
nine hundred steep sand hills. For nearly 2.000
kilometers there is no decent supply of food or
water and no safe way of escape.

CSR has been marked out nearly 100 years ago
by Alfred Canning to drive the cattle from Perth to the
opposite corner of the continent. However, the
conditions were so harsh and casualties so high that
CSR never truly served its purpose and was forgotten.
In 1968 a group of surveyors for the first time drove
the complete length of the track with specially prepared
motor vehicles. Despite numerous attempts,no-one
has ever cycled CSR...

The track extends on the same distance as the complete
length of Great Britain and half-way back, or from Los Angeles
across California and Oregon to Seattle in Washington state, or across New Zealand from Cape Reinga on the north to Slope Point on the south... It's a long way in anybody's language. To travel the full length of the CSR in a convoy of 4WD vehicles, a fuel drop is required halfway. Unsupported crossing of CSR on the motorbike is regarded impossible since nobody is able to carry enough fuel and supplies to complete the journey. Independent bicycle ride is believed to be out of question. Well, we'll see.